Your First "Period" after Surgery

The information in this section is made available through the generous support of Dr. Grant Stevens.

Sometimes your first period following surgery may cause your breasts or tummy to be more painful than usual because you're still healing.

If you can help reduce the bloat, or edema, you should have an easier, more comfortable time of it.

Try this easy, natural approach:

Make a 'tea' from the juice of a whole fresh lemon and a cup of boiling water.  Sweeten to taste with sugar or honey. Do not use Equal, NutraSweet, Sweet n Low, or saccharin. Nothing artificial.  

The lemon tea will help get rid of your water retention. Do it in the evening but not too close to bedtime or you may be getting up through the night as your body eliminates excess fluids.  You could do this once a day the week before, or at your PMS time. But do not use it within two days of your surgery.

You should also show the loss on your scale. Please read our complete info on our Lemon Tea, and our new turbo Citrus Recovery Juice, including how to protect your teeth from citric acid and all the other wonderfully healthy things lemons can do for you.