For the past decade, BreastHealthOnline has strongly felt and worked from the platform that each person is valued, each person matters, and each person should be treated with as much time, kindness, caring and compassion as we'd give our closest, nearest and dearest friends in need.

We have approached our care and concern for our members and partners in this manner since inception, and we have recently partnered with Angela Maiers incredible and brilliant, "You Matter" movement to help bring this important message to as many people as we can possibly reach. 

   As people, and as a society, we need to connect with each other, be seen, be heard, and come to feel the importance of just how much we all matter.

  Please stay tuned while we continue to develop this section and programs at our organization to empower and care for each other in the most direct, honorable, heartfelt and purposeful ways. We can change the world with You Matter.

  To learn more, read about Angela Maiers and watch her Tedx video: You Matter