Nipple & Areola Post Op Placement

The information in this section is made available through the generous support of Dr. Grant Stevens.

Can the patient have any input into the size and placement of her nipple/areola complex?

Yes. The sizing and placement of the nipple and areola complex is based on multiple surgical measurements of the breast as well as on established aesthetic ideals.  From prior experience, these measurements tend to give the best overall results.  These ideals can be adjusted to a certain degree if a patient feels strongly about areola size or positioning.

Does the age of the patient have anything to do with the placement of the nipple/areola complex?

No.  The placement of the nipple/ areola complex is usually based on the location of the infra-mammary fold (the fold under the breast).  The location of this fold does not change much with age, although the overlying breast tissue can change significantly.

Why is there a difference between the sizes of the nipple/areola complex when it's "at rest" versus stimulated?

Smooth muscle fibers in the nipple/ areola can contract and thus reduce its size when stimulated.

Should the nipple/areola complex be placed so that it's facing perfectly forward or should it placed off to the side slightly?

The nipple / areola is generally placed so it is facing forward.  However, it should also be centered on the breast mound, so depending on the shape of the chest, the nipple/ areola may look better if it is not "perfectly forward".

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  • Friday, 15 June 2012