Heading off a Cold Before Surgery

The information in this section is made available through the generous support of Dr. Grant Stevens.

Heading Off a Cold Before Surgery

If you find yourself coming down with a cold before your surgery, you may be able to take some steps to keep your surgery from being cancelled.

For starters, begin flushing your system out with plenty of water everyday. Be sure you are getting extra rest to help in your efforts to fight it. Chicken soup is always a good idea, and as well as our Lemon Tea.

A high quality Echinacea might really do the trick, but you'll need to be more than 10 days out from surgery to safely use it. Ask your surgeon.  If it's OK, use a dropperful in orange juice twice a day. Buy a quality liquid echinacea. They are between $10 and $20. Worth every cent and can head off colds most of the time throughout the year. Some people swear by L-Lysine, Vitamin C, and Zinc lozenges. They can help to lessen the severity and longevity of your symptoms. Vicks Vapo-Rub in a pot of boiling water can help break up your congestion.

If your surgery is within 3 weeks, you should check with your plastic surgeon to be sure anything you take or use is not on the list of medications and supplements to be avoided prior to surgery.

If you are still sick in the days right before surgery, you will need to call and talk to your plastic surgeon. Do not wait until the morning of your surgery to inform your plastic surgeon that you are sick. This is poor care for yourself and inconsiderate to your surgeon who has set this time and staff aside just for you. Inform the surgeon several days ahead so that he or she can assess the situation and make the proper decisions and arrangements for you. Not all surgeries are categorically cancelled due to illness. Typically a severe upper-respiratory infection can cause your surgery to be canceled, but a general cold most likely will not. Check!

Most of the time when our members get sick, they are able to overcome it, and their surgeries go forward as planned. You do not, however, want to have surgery while you are sick, as it can put you at serious risk. Check with your doctor so the right decision can be made ahead of time.

Many of us run around the in weeks prior to surgery and wear ourselves out trying to get everything in our lives perfect. This can set you up for becoming sick. Follow our Healing Diet in the weeks prior to surgery and take good care of yourself so that you can help avoid this unfortunate circumstance.