Professional Lymphatic Massage Video 3

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This is the third in a series of three videos on professional lymphatic massage - moving through the chest and abdomen.

We want women facing breast surgery to understand this massage method, which is helpful before and after surgery and for a lifetime of good health. It's important to find a therapist who is well-trained in lymphatic massage, which differs greatly from other methods of massage therapy. The results can be amazing and tremendously aid in recovery by helping the lymphatic system remove excess fluids, debris and swelling resulting from surgery. 

The lymphatic system removes waste products from cells and transfers them to the blood stream, which then circulates them out of the body. This is especially critical after any surgery as there are a vast array of dead fat cells, blood and lymph fluids left trapped in the afflicted area. You'll need your lymph system to reconnect to absorb it properly at a time it's been interrupted due to surgery. Your attention to this can make a big difference in your pain, swelling and recovery. 

We highly recommend professional lymphatic massage in the weeks prior to your surgery to get your system flowing properly, appropriately timed professional lymphatic massage during your recovery to aid in swelling and the removal of dead fat cells, blood and other fluids (your massage professional will create a schedule for you) and periodic lymphatic massage from there for life to keep your lymph system - and you! - operating at peak performance to remove debris from your body. 

While it's rarely discussed until something goes drastically wrong with your lymph nodes, by taking good care of your lymph system now you may well have some of the most powerful cancer fighting tools at your disposal. By using our Healign Diet along with our lemon and citrus recovery recipes you can support the work your lymph system does before and after your surgery, as well as for a lifetime of good health.