The Post Operative Breast

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 The Post Operative Breast

That first look at your new breasts is a scary prospect.  Will it be love at first sight, or will you regret messing with what nature gave you?

There are a few things to keep in mind when you first see your breasts after surgery.  This is not the way your breasts are going to stay.  You have just had major surgery, and your breasts have endured some severe trauma.  The swelling and bruising is going to go away with time and care.  Most post-op breasts ride very high and tight on your chest, and this also will change as your swelling decreases. You will find that your breasts drop, round out, and start to "move" naturally.

One of the most common questions or concerns we hear is: "My breasts are so tiny.  Have I gone too small?"

The perception of the size of your post op breasts is a strange phenomenon!  Your mind plays such tricks on you.  After years of carrying around abnormally large breasts, no matter how much you disliked them, they became "normal" to you.  Living with them, you became accustomed to seeing your body with them.  Sometimes that first look after surgery is a shocker, and you may seem downright flat!  Rest assured, this is not so.  As you heal and as your body and mind become accustomed to the change, your perception of the size will change.  

We have one member who was wearing a C cup bra right after her surgery, yet at first sight she swore she was an A cup.  As time progressed she adjusted to her new appearance and has been nothing but thrilled with her breast size.  There have been days when this same member could have sworn her breasts were a D cup or larger, yet she still fits into the C cup bra she came home from the hospital wearing.  It's all in your personal perception of your breasts. Don't freak out right after surgery. It takes time to adjust your body and mind to the new you.

So please, take a deep breath and allow yourself the time to heal, rest, and adjust to your new look.  We are confident that things will work out.

  • Saturday, 05 May 2012