Medications to Avoid Prior to Surgery

The information in this section is made available through the generous support of Dr. Grant Stevens.

Many plastic surgeons give their patients a list of medications and supplements they would like their patients to avoid 2 weeks before surgery, as well as 2 weeks after surgery.
These medications and supplements increase the risk of bleeding and may put you at risk during surgery, as well as afterwards. It might be helpful for pre-ops to review this list and compare it to the list your own plastic surgeon has given you. If your plastic surgeon has not given you a list of medications and supplements to avoid immediately before and after surgery, be sure to ask for one.
You also should not consume alcohol during this time frame, for the same reason.
Avoid two weeks prior to surgery: Vitamin E, Nutritional Supplements, Aspirin, or Aspirin products and medications containing Ibuprofen should be discontinued because they promote bleeding. This will help you avoid bleeding complications during your surgery. Products containing Aspirin: Alka-Seltzer, Anacin, Analgestine, A.P.C or A.S.A, Ascriptin, Asperbuf, Aspercin, Aspergum, Aspirin, Aspirin Suppositories, Aspir-phen, Aspirtab, Bayer, Buffdyne, Buffaprin, Congespirin, Coricidin, Darvon, Darvon Compound, Dristan, Duragesic, Ecotrin, Equagesic Tabs, Excedrin, Feldene, Fiogesic, Fiorinal, 4 Way Cold Tabs, Gelprin, Indocin, Liquiprin, Lortab ASA tabs, Meprobamate, Midol, Motrin, Norgesic, Norwich Aspirin, Percobarb, Percodan, Robaxisl, Sine-aid, Sine-off, SomaCompTabs, St. Joseph Products, Talwin Compound, Tolectin, Triaminicin, Trigesic, Vanquish, Zorprin. Products Containing Ibuprofen: Advil, Haltran, Medipren, Midol 200, Motrin, PeptoBismol, Nuprin, Rufen. Nutritional Supplements: Bilberry, Cayenne, Echinacea, Feverfew, Fish oil caps, Garlic, Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Kava Kava, Valerian, Licorice Root, Ma Huang, Melatonin, St. John's Wort, Vitamin E, Yohimbe.
If you need to take something for headache, menstrual cramps or other aches and pains, you may take Tylenol (acetaminophen) as directed for the time prior to surgery. Check the labels on any medicines or supplements you plan to take in pill, capsule or liquid form. Do not take anything containing acetylsalycetic acid (aspirin products) or salicylates.
If you are having menstrual cramping and bloating, you might try our Lemon Tea Recipe in our Healing Diet. It works wonders! 


  • Friday, 23 March 2012