What is the Answer to Breast Cancer

There are many current ideas and arguments on this issue. However, there are certain facts regarding breast cancer. 

1. Early detection holds the key to survival - especially if we can identify women who have high-risk pre-cancerous infrared imaging (breast thermography) markers. 

2. Mortality rates will go unchanged if earlier detection methods are not employed. 

3.  There is currently no one test or procedure that is solely adequate for breast cancer screening. 

4. Keep the obvious risk factors under control. 

5. Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, a cornerstone of BreastHealthOnline


Digital Infrared Imaging and mammography are complementary procedures, one test does not replace the other.

    When DII is combined with mammography, a 61% increase in survival rate has been realized.

A multimodal (multiple testing) approach needs to be taken if true early detection is to be realized. If treated in the earliest detected stages, breast cancer cure rates greater than 95% are possible.

Caring for your own health, eating well and getting regular exercise is ignored by many, but it is critical key to your good health today and tomorrow. At BreastHealthOnline we're here to help you achieve these goals.

What can be done now?    


 Since the prevention of breast cancer has not become a reality as of yet, efforts must be directed at extremely early detection and better health education. As the earliest known warning system, Digital Infrared Imaging gives a woman the chance to carefully monitor possible changes in the pre-cancerous process. In many cases, DII has the ability to offer this warning up to 8-10 years before a tumor can be detected by any other method. 


Therefore, in the absence of other positive tests, an abnormal infrared image gives a woman an early warning that a pathological process may be occurring. By maintaining close monitoring of a person's breast health with serial infrared imaging, self breast exams, clinical examinations, and other tests, we have a much better chance of detecting cancer at its earliest stage and preventing invasive tumor growth. 


As one of the frontline tests for early detection, modern use of DII (Breast Thermography) offers a great deal of hope for the preservation of the breast and the future survival of everyone facing this disease. 



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  • Thursday, 14 June 2012