Questions to Ask at Your Tummy Tuck Consult

Questions to Ask at Your Consult

Here is a list that you can use to formulate your own list of consult questions.

You will probably not have time to ask all of these at one appointment. Break the questions down into what's most important to you to have answered immediately - such as how many tummy tucks the doctor does per week, etc. If you still have questions, schedule another consult until you are satisfied. It's recommended by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and BreastHealthOnline to have at least 3 plastic surgery consults. You may need more than three if the consults you had were not the right surgeons for you. Take your time when selecting a plastic surgeon - you want the best plastic surgeon you can find.

How Qualified Are You?
-How long have you been in practice?
-Have you ever had your malpractice insurance coverage denied, revoked, or suspended?
-How many years have you been performing tummy tuck surgery?
-How many tummy tucks do you perform per week?
-Approximately how many tummy tucks have you done in your career thus far?
-Do you have any before and after pictures to show me? If not, why?

Financial Questions
-How much does this procedure cost?
-Do you offer patient financing?

Surgery Questions
-Are the desired results I described realistic?
-At which hospital will the surgery be performed?
-Will I stay overnight?
-When do you do the markings for surgery?
-What is the procedure you would use on me and why?
-Can you tell me how long the surgery will take?
-Do you have someone who assists you in surgery?
-Does the tissue that is removed get sent to the lab for analysis?
-What kind of anesthesia is used?
-Will I have the opportunity to meet the anesthesiologist prior to my surgery?
-What pain medications will be given to me? Demerol, Percocet, Codeine, Morphine?
-Can I discuss anti-nausea medications and concerns with the anesthesiologist?
-Do you insert a catheter during surgery?
-Will I have a tube put down my throat?
-Do you use drains? If so, when will the drains be removed?

Complication Questions
-What are the three worst things that can happen after this surgery?
-What are the chances of each of those happening?
-What do we do if those things happen?
-How do you treat keloid or hypertrophic scarring if it occurs?
-What are some of the complications that some of your past patients have encountered?
-What was done as a counter-measure for the complications?
-Will you repeat or correct procedures if it does not meet agreed upon goals? And if the procedure must be repeated/corrected, will I be charged again?

Recovery Questions
-How much time do I need to take off from work?
-Do you supply a compression garment to wear home?
-How often do I change the dressings, and what do they consist of?
-Will there be tape or bandages on the wounds afterwards? If so, for how long?
-Are there any special garments that I need to wear after surgery? Do you provide them?
-What can I do to help reduce scarring, if anything?
-May I put vitamin E on the scars afterwards? How soon?
-What can I do to help reduce bruising?
-How soon can I drive after the surgery?
-When can I return to exercising?
-How soon after surgery can I shower?
-When can sexual intercourse resume?

Pre-Op Preparation Questions
-What if I get a cold before my surgery?
-Do I continue to take my regular medications before surgery?
-What medications do I NOT take before surgery and immediately after surgery?
-Do I require any special tests prior to surgery?
-Do I fill my pain medication prescription before my surgery?
-Do I need to pre-book extra appointments?

Please feel free to join us and ask any questions you may have at our Tummy Tuck Support Board.

  • Sunday, 20 May 2012