Items To Have Available For After Your TT Surgery

The following is a list of items that our members and staff recommend you have available for after your Tummy Tuck surgery. Hydration is a very important part of proper healing. Make sure things like milk, juice, and water are in small containers such as pints or one-liter bottles. Avoid gallons or half gallons, as they'll be too heavy for you to lift. You might consider buying a case or two of 16-ounce containers of water, as you should be increasing your water consumption after surgery to help flush the meds out and to aid your healing. Straws, the bending kind. It's hard to sit up after a tummy tuck, and bending straws make it easier to get a drink while lying down. Pretzels or crackers are good to have to eat with your meds or if you're nauseous. If possible, have pre-made dinners on hand so you can pop them in the microwave. It would be a good idea to prepare some good protein ahead (such as chicken for non-vegetarians). Eating more protein will help you heal at a faster rate, as will adding dark greens. Eat a banana a day the week before surgery and for a few weeks after if you can. Small snacks that can be kept on the table next to you are also very handy. Lemons for lemon tea. Have a phone where you can reach it without getting up if possible (and the remote control if you're a TV watcher). If you like to read, have as much reading material as you think you'll want within easy reach. A pillow to have in the car on the way home from the hospital. It will pad the incision against the seat belt and guard against bumps. Elastic waist pajamas or a short nightgown. Elastic waist slacks. Slip-on shoes and slippers. It's hard to bend to tie shoes or put on slippers. Socks without elastic in the top to keep your feet warm. A soft towel or cloth diaper has been found to be very helpful in padding the area above the incision against elastic waistbands. A plastic box or small basket on your chair/bedside tables to hold nail clippers, chapstick, pill bottles, and other small items that you need and don't want to pick up off the floor. We invite you to join us on the Tummy Tuck Support Board for further information.

  • Friday, 23 March 2012