Hispanic Women and Early Detection

Hispanic Women and Early Detection

Did you know that Hispanic women have a lower survival rate for breast cancer than non-Hispanic White women?

Mammography and early detection, as well as an improved diet and daily exercise now will increase your chances of surviving breast cancer should it strike.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death of women in the United States. Hispanic women have a lower incidence rates of breast cancer than do their White non-Hispanic and African counterparts.

However, breast cancer in Hispanic women is increasing faster than in other women. Although Hispanic women have the highest mammography rates, these rates still fall short of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Healthy People 2000 goal of screening for 60 percent of all women ages 50 and older. 

Hispanic women have a poorer survival rate from breast cancer than do White non-Hispanic women. Part of the reason for poorer survival rates in minority populations is the advanced stages of the disease at time of diagnosis. Increased early detection, such as annual mammograms, monthly breast self-exams and taking advantage of the technology of breast thermography and treatment of breast cancer are necessary to improve survival rates.

Puerto Rican and Cuban women, however, use health care facilities at rates comparable to White women. Puerto Rican women are less likely to be hypertensive and more likely to be poorer than Mexican women.

Please commit to being proactive in your breast health.  Get annual mammograms, do monthly breast self exams, and take advantage of the technology of breast thermography, and do your part in adopting a healthier, greener diet and get daily exercise. At BreastHealthOnline we can help you work on these things!


  • Thursday, 14 June 2012