Does Your Plastic Surgeon Have LeJour or Vertical Experience?

We would like to remind members who are thinking about having the LeJour or any vertical method of breast reduction to make sure the plastic surgeon they are considering has extensive experience in LeJour reductions BEFORE booking your surgery. This is still a fairly new technique! If you do not think your plastic surgeon has done enough of these procedures to your satisfaction, please get another consultation from another plastic surgeon who is skilled and successful with this technique. It's always best to do some homework to avoid possible complications:

1.  Ask the plastic surgeon if you can see before and after photos of the LeJour reductions they have done.
If they have done beautiful work, they should be pleased to show you.

2.  Ask how many LeJours have they done and how long have they been doing them.
How many LeJours? Four? Thirty-Five? Ninety-Two? This makes a very big difference! Have they been doing this technique for 3 months or 3 years?

3.  Ask if you may directly contact their LeJour patients.
If the results are consistently good, the plastic surgeon shouldn't have any objection in furnishing names and phone numbers-with the patients' persmission, of course.
4.  Speak to previous patients about their results.
Are they pleased with their results? How was their healing? Any complications? Have they needed revision surgery? If they had the opportunity to do this over again, would they still use this plastic surgeon?

The purpose of this reminder is certainly not to discourage anyone or create anxiety. It just makes good sense to check these things out. We were reminded of this when reading a post in the archives from one of our LeJour members, who unfortunately had a bad experience with her reduction. It is posted it here for you to read:

I don't want to rain on anybody's parade, but just to reinforce to make sure your PS is competent with the Lejour technique and does them on a routine basis without complications. I was a 40DD, went to 38/40B with this technique and had numerous complications. 16 months later, I am still having surgery to repair things. My ps was just learning this procedure. I was his eighth patient (the other seven had no problems)

  • Saturday, 16 June 2012