Compression Garments and Binders

Compression Garments and Binders

Most plastic surgeons recommend the use of a compression garment or binder following abdominoplasty. While some plastic surgeons provide this garment for you, others require you to purchase one before your surgery. Make sure that you verify whether you need to purchase your own garment.

A compression garment is constructed of high-quality elastic or Lycra(TM) type cloth and wraps around your mid section, providing constant support and pressure for the surgical area. This pressure helps to decrease and control swelling as well as provide support for your healing abdomen.

The time time you are required to wear this garment varies by plastic surgeon.  BreastHealthOnline recommends that you wear yours as long as possible.   We've had reports of women wearing their compression garment for as long as 6 to 8 months and being very pleased with the results of doing so. Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon how long you should be wearing your compression garment.

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  • Sunday, 20 May 2012