Caffeine, Surgery & Healing

Avoiding caffeinated beverages at this time, and stopping caffeinated beverages before your surgery can prevent you from going through caffeine withdrawal in the first few days after surgery, which is a horrible double whammy.

Caffeine is not going to aid your healing, and it's counter-productive to your hydration. Our patients report increased pain and swelling with caffeine use during their recoveries.

According to the Mayo Clinic, while caffeine does not directly cause benign breast lumps, large amounts of caffeine can cause hormone levels to fluctuate, which can be a cause of pain and breast cysts. Although the benign fibroid cysts that are linked to caffeine use are non-cancerous, they can be very painful, as well as emotionally distressing for a woman suffering from them.

Again, we recommend getting off of caffeine, at least temporarily, prior to your surgery to avoid going through a new surgery and caffeine withdrawal all at the same time. The fact you will not be able to have caffeine the morning of your surgery and for around 24 hours, or longer, depending on your post op plan, is enough to launch you into a painful caffeine withdrawal.

  • Sunday, 29 April 2012