Breast Biopsy

Breast Biopsy

A breast biopsy can be a very stressful procedure for a woman to undergo. We at BreastHealthOnline strongly recommend that you request a second opinion if you are told that you need to have a biopsy on a breast. Many insurance providers suggest having the films and images studies by a breast-imaging specialist.

A breast biopsy will disclose whether an area of the breast is found to be benign or malignant (cancerous). It is not common, but there have been instances where a biopsy is incorrect. A false-positive result would state that the biopsy found cancerous tissue when there was no cancer, and a false-negative would suggest that there is no cancer when there are cancerous cells. There are several reasons that this could occur, one of them being that the equipment used to conduct the biopsy was faulty. It is also possible that the biopsy did not sample the correct area or that a hard to find lump was missed.

You can read more and watch a video on an incisional breast biopsy here.

At BreastHealthOnline we feel that it is of utmost importance for a woman to know her own breasts. Frequent examination and familiarity with your own breasts will enable you to detect even the most subtle changes. Early detection is the key to breast health.

  • Sunday, 20 May 2012