Preparing for Surgery / Preop List

We women are naturally organized, right? There may be a few occasions where we'll need to make a list, so here's one:

The Pre BA List:
*Get laundry out of the way, clean the house and do the dishes.

*Have your prescriptions filled ahead of time and get Tylenol PM (if okay with PS) and loosen the bottle tops, only if small children are not around.

*Have all your grocery shopping out of the way and pre-cook foods to freeze.

*Get a bag of frozen peas for swelling and a heating pad for your BACK.

*Get throat drops to get rid of that wonderful general anesthesia after-taste.

*Have your vehicle gas tank filled with fuel.

*Get out all your loose clothing and lay them out for easy access because you can't reach above your head after surgery. Button down shirts and stretchy pants.

*Put all non-perishable foods at counter level and perishable foods at lower levels in the refrigerator.

*Have all your necessities within arm's reach: phone, meds, tissue, remote, water, waste paper basket.

*Have your toiletries easily accessible.

*Have lots of pillows around your bed, sofa or reclining chair because you'll be living there for a while.

*Take water, pillows, crackers and an empty coffee can with you for the trip home from surgery (in case you get nauseous).

*Take warm, cotton socks for surgery and wear your button down shirt and comfy pants because that's what you're going to fall asleep in once you get home.

*Make sure you have someone at home to monitor you for at least the first 48 hours. You're going to tremendously depend on that "helper/gofer" the first few days of recovery.

*Prepare a list of last minute questions for your doctor.

Don't be overwhelmed, it's just a list!

Print this page for a quick list then add your own items to it.

  • Saturday, 16 June 2012