Post Operative Scar Care

The information in this section is made available through the generous support of Dr. Grant Stevens.

Post Operative Scar Care

There has been much discussion about what product to use to manage your scars.  It is the position of BreastHealthOnline that it's not the product that matters, but the massage.

As always, please check with your plastic surgeon about when you can begin massage and when you can put any kind of lotion or cream on your incisions.

Scar massage has several important functions:

*  It promotes collagen remodeling by applying pressure to the scars.
*  It helps decrease itching.
*  It provides moisture and pliability to the area.

Scar Massage Technique:

*  Apply lotion to all scar areas once your plastic surgeon has given you the ok.
*  Massage the lotion in, applying enough pressure with the pads of your fingers to make the scar area white.
*  Massage in all three directions:

- Circles (clockwise or counterclockwise)
- Vertical (up-and-down)
- Horizontal (side-to-side)

*  Do this three to four times a day


*  You can use any lotion that will make your skin soft
*  You should avoid perfumed lotions
*  You don't necessarily need to use lotions containing aloe vera or vitamin E oil.

Shower Massage

*  We have seen excellent results using a clean, clear face soap type bar such as Neutrogena in the shower daily for massage of scars as well as all over breast care.

Good luck to you and remember, it's the massage and not the product.

  • Saturday, 05 May 2012