Notch-To-Nipple Measurement

The information in this section is made available through the generous support of Dr. Grant Stevens.

Notch-To-Nipple Measurement

Many plastic surgeons use the notch-to-nipple (n2n) measurement in determining whether or not you're a candidate for Free Nipple Graft.  Many plastic surgeons feel that at 40cm and greater you're a candidate for FNG.

Through the information and support at BreastHealthOnline, many women have found plastic surgeons who were able to save them from FNG with n2ns of greater than 40cms. Just because you have a measurement greater than 40cm does not automatically mean you are destined to have FNG. Your best defense against FNG is to learn all you can about it, and make a commitment to yourself to find the most proficient breast reduction plastic surgeon you can.

Your notch-to-nipple measurement is done from the notch of your collar bone, which is to either side of that small indention at the base of your neck in the center, to the end of your nipple; not areola. See diagram below. Measure from the right collar bone notch down and across to the right nipple, and then do the same for the left breast, from the left collar bone notch. These measurements will be in centimeters. Additionally, your plastic surgeon should be performing these measurements for you at your consultation appointment.

  • Saturday, 05 May 2012