Breast Reduction in Canada

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Breast Reduction Surgery in Canada. 

Many women living in Canada are happy to discover that breast reduction deemed medically necessary by a certified plastic surgeon may be fully covered by their provincial health plan. From what we at BreastHealthOnline have observed, the Canadian provinces are often sympathetic to the pain from which women in need of a breast reduction may suffer. Generally, if a woman is experiencing the usual symptoms associated with large breasts, then the government insurance will cover the breast reduction surgery. 

The Process of Obtaining a Breast Reduction In Canada. 

Women who wish to undergo breast reduction surgery should first discuss their symptoms and interest in the procedure with their family practitioner. As an alternative to surgery, the doctor may suggest a different method of pain relief; however, if the patient requests to see a plastic surgeon, the family practitioner usually will give a referral. 

There is often a long wait to see a plastic surgeon for a consult. On average, the time between the referral and the consult is between 5 months and a year. Following the consult, the plastic surgeon submits the woman's file to the provincial ministry of health; the approval process can take on average from 1 week to 3 months. 

Some provinces have a minimum gram removal requirement; for your situation, contact your family practitioner or your provincial ministry of health at the link provided below. Although the wait for surgery in Canada can be much longer than for those seeking breast reduction surgery in other countries, it is important to remember that the Canadian approval process can be more patient-friendly than other countries. 

The process in Canada is, in most cases, simple and easy to understand. Once breast reduction is deemed medically necessary to reduce the pain and discomfort of a woman suffering from large, pendulous breasts, then it generally will be approved. 

Surgery is generally scheduled within 12 months from the consult date. 

Links to Canada's Ministry of Health Departments.

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*The Quebec Ministry of Health requires a 250-gram removal per breast. 

  • Friday, 23 March 2012