Age and Plastic Surgery

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Age and Plastic Surgery

Some people wonder if they are either too young or beyond the age where breast reduction is an option for them

Members at BreastHealthOnline who range in age from 15 to 75+, have had very successful breast reductions. 

The most important aspect to consider first is making sure you have an excellent surgeon. Younger patients can greatly benefit and return to an improved life of normalcy very quickly.

More mature patients, by providing a detailed medical history and undergoing some additional pre-op tests (such as chest x-rays, EKG, and additional blood work), can be assured that they are not only healthy, but also in good shape for surgery.

Also know that a surgeon must present you to the hospital or surgery center as being 'fit for surgery' before you ever arrive. Just because a surgeon wishes to perform surgery does not deem it so. The doctor, as well as the place of surgery, must determine it is safe for you. These checks and balances are in place to protect you and to protect them, too. If you've been approved for surgery by a board-certified plastic surgeon to have surgery in an accredited facility, you can rest assured your history and tests have been thoroughly gone over. 

Be aware that a more mature patient might have a longer healing period, though with good care and tended nutrition you can do very well.

Make sure to discuss any possible complications that might be unique to your age group with your surgeon and with us.

There isn't any reason you should deny exploring the opportunity to have your painful, emotional and physical symptoms relieved.



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  • Friday, 23 March 2012