Information to Give and Get Regarding Your Mammography

When you call for an appointment, be ready to provide information the mammography facility needs to know. The facility may wait until your appointment to ask some questions, so it's a good idea also to take the information with you when you have your mammogram. The information requested may include:

Your name, address, and phone number.

Your age.

Name, address, and phone number of any facility where you have had a mammogram.

Any breast disease in your family.

Any current problems with your breasts, and how long you have had the problems.

Past problems with your breasts, breast biopsies, or breast surgeries.

Whether you have breast implants.

Other personal information:

- Whether you are pregnant or nursing.
- The timing of your menstrual cycle or when menopause began.
- Anything that might make it harder to do a mammogram (unusually large breasts or inability to stand, for example).
- Name, address, and phone number of your doctor.

Here are some questions for you to ask before your appointment:

How and when you will find out the results of the exam?
What you need to do to prepare for the exam?

If you have any other questions before your mammogram, be sure to call your doctor or the mammography facility.

  • Friday, 15 June 2012